Inventorium Co-operative

Transforming the delivery of education!

We are a not-for-profit organisation who work with schools, and individual students, to help young people develop the skills they need to meet their career aspirations. We offer a flexible online curriculum delivered through the cloud at a school, or via distance learning (including homeschooling).

The Inventorium supports:

  • existing curriculum requirements e.g. SACE, NTCET and VCAL (contact us to discuss your curriculum requirements) as well as certifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • ILPs, or PLPs (“Individual Learning Plans”, or “Personal Learning Plans”) - tailored assessment (negotiated with your instructor to meet the relevant curriculum standards at the level you require).

  • student-paced study (a student can work through activities at a pace suited to them).

  • non-linear progression (the student, working with an instructor, can choose the order in which they complete activities).


The curriculum offered by the co-operative is primarily aimed at students 15+, for study at a high school level.

  • HOWEVER it is also suited to younger students with a higher level of maturity and could be adapted for higher levels of learning.

  • AND the platform is suitable for delivering alternative curricula (including for applications such as corporate training), which we can help you design, or you can design yourself - Contact Us to discuss any of these options.


Our Background

The Inventorium is the brainchild of a group of passionate and highly experienced educators, whose dream has been to change education for students and teachers alike. We want all students to re-engage with the classroom, to learn to enjoy learning, and to set themselves up for a successful future in the face of a huge shift in the skill sets required for the 21st century.


The Context

We’ve moved beyond the industrial era but continue to educate children for the past.  Our school system, designed for the 19th century, has witnessed little real change - meanwhile we’ve already hurtled headlong into the 21st century, Rather than embrace extensive societal changes, and an array of technological opportunities and advancements, schools are more inclined to exclude them.  The result has been a decline in the relevance of schooling, the extent of which is widespread, and equivalent to a generation of Australian school children falling short of their full learning potential.

But it’s not too late!  The Inventorium has been designed from a research evidence base that combines pedagogy, careers and industry futures to ensure the system is relevant, flexible and responsive to current students’ needs - and it’s available for you to use now!



dropping out of school

Without any opportunity to complete their High School Leavers Certificate, hindering their life chances, opportunities and earning prospects. (Dept of Education Statistics)



disengaged in the classroom

Not completing their High School Leavers Certificates and being a disruptive influence on others - that’s 1 in 3 in every classroom! (PISA Statistics)



unable to secure full-time work

Foundation for Young Australians found 50% of under 24 years olds unable to secure full-time meaningful work to start their careers.


Multiple Applications

The Inventorium is an education co-operative that offers a curriculum online for delivery to 15+ year olds.  It is a major paradigm shift in how we think about and deliver education, and has been designed as a 21st Century education system to enable young people to thrive in the 21st Century. 



Use the curriculum to facilitate mixed ability classes where students can work at their own pace, collaboratively and remotely when necessary to fulfil the requirements of their High School Certificate.


The term 'special educational needs' has a legal definition in the UK, referring to students who have learning problems or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most students of the same age. The flexibility of the Inventorium caters for all students, whatever their particular needs, inlcuding FLO/FLN students.


Join our community of remote learners, studying from home or elsewhere, through our online platform to network and collaborate through virtual teamwork and complete your High School Certificate.


Work with us to explore how you can best use technology in your classroom, and shift to a process based, facilitative teaching role rather than a content based approach.


Want to know more?

Whether you are a teacher wondering how best to re-energise their teaching, a parent wondering how your child can be re-engaged, or a young person seeking a suitable study option (possibly trying to fill in gaps to complete your High School Certificate)… we have a solution for you!

Select the option most appropriate for you below or email us at:


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